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Targe Towing values being an industry leader in areas relating to safety, training and effective operation of tugs. Working closely with industry bodies, regulators and other towage operators, we endeavour to keep standards of the towage industry at the high levels required to both maintain safety and reputation. The bulk of this is done through our associations with the British Tugowners Association (BTA) via the UK Chamber of Shipping and the European Tugowners Association.

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Established in 1934, the British Tugowners Association (BTA) is the foremost representative body for port towage operators in the UK. Its membership comprises a diverse mix of large corporate entities and smaller privately-owned firms, as well as several Port and Council Authorities.

The BTA’s members operate over 150 tugs across more than 40 ports, facilitating 90% of the UK’s sea-borne trade. These operations provide employment for over one thousand highly-skilled seafarers.

At the heart of its mission, the BTA seeks to enhance safety standards within the industry by promoting best practices and striving to establish a robust framework for training and certification.

For many years, the BTA has enjoyed a close relationship with the UK Chamber of Shipping, with the latter providing secretarial support for the former.

Targe Towing Ltd has a long-standing association with the BTA, with our team actively participating in both executive and technical committees. Both Tom Woolley and Nick Dorman have also served as President of the BTA, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of our industry and our clients.

The European Tugowners Association (ETA) plays a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of shipping and port services across Europe. Its services are essential in facilitating European trade by enabling the smooth and secure movement of goods through its ports.

Originally founded as a London-based association comprising eight northern European countries, ETA has since evolved into the foremost representation of the towage industry at the continental level. The organisation advocates for the interests of the tug sector in Brussels and other European capitals, highlighting the critical importance of the sector for the economies of the European Union.

The ETA is committed to advancing the interests of our industry and promoting the vital role we play in facilitating global trade. The members are among the most highly skilled and experienced operators in the industry, and they work tirelessly to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met. Nick Dorman is currently the UK representative on the executive of the ETA.

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