Targe Towing operates tugs out of ports on the East of Scotland, providing dedicated towage to Aberdeen, Dundee, Montrose and Peterhead. On the Firth of Forth, Targe Towing operates tugs at the Hound Point marine terminal, the Braefoot gas terminal and in the ports of Leith, Rosyth and Grangemouth, often undertaking specialist towage projects, with tugs regularly working in ports across the UK.

Founded in 1991 by Tom Woolley, Josephine Woolley and Nick Dorman, the company was acquired by Forth Ports Ltd in 2021.

Forth Ports Ltd, has a proud legacy in the towage industry, owning and operating harbour tugs from the port of Leith since the 1950s, providing essential support for port traffic. In the 1980s, Forth Estuary Towage was formed as a subsidiary company to manage the towage contract for the Braefoot gas terminal.

In recent years, Forth Estuary Towage underwent significant investment making it one of the most advanced towage companies in the industry. As part of this transformation, a shift was made from older Voith Schneider Tugs to cutting-edge Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs.

In 2021, Forth Ports proudly acquired Targe Towing, further expanding our capabilities and expertise in the towage industry. As part of this process Forth Estuary Towage was merged with Targe Towing and the Targe Towing name was retained.

The merged towage company has a rich history of towage including the former provision of towage at BP/Rio Tinto’s coal terminal in East Kalimantan, Indonesia and at BP/Petroplus’ Refinery, Coryton, Thames.

Targe Towing Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Forth Ports Ltd and part of the Forth Ports Group.